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Website Design Planning and Process


At Barking Toad we are here to help you make the web design process as simple as possible.  We use the latest recognized web design software and web techniques that are within internet protocol and combine this with years of experience. Barking Toad will deliver a seamless process that has become the norm and will far exceed your expectations  and will deliver the project on time and within the agreed budget every time.





We will sit down with you and take the time to learn about your business idea and goals. This will allow us to identify your key objectives and apply the appropriate solutions and latest functions to your website.

This step will cover the following solutions and questions;

  • Domain name registration and the decision on a suitable name.
  • Website hosting
  • Website development and style of site, brochure style website, content managed system (CMS), or ecommerce style website.
  • Customer relations package
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website maintenance
  • Social Marketing requirements
  • Future online marketing.



Design of Website

After the initial brief our Graphic designer will consolidate the ideas discussed and present you with a starting point for your website design and feel. The design will reflect your brand and lean towards the goals that are to be achieved.

The design will reflect;

  • The ability to accommodate growth over time especially CMS and ecommerce sites
  • an ease of navigation around the site
  • a structure that is within internet protocol
  • a site that is SEO friendly and optimised correctly
  • correct visibility in a number of web browsers

and most importantly

  • The correct branding and market position for your brand.




Website Development

We will build your website to the aspects discussed in the original brief and presentation of ideas. We will also take close consideration of the changes required to come to an end product that you will be happy with. This is all done with the latest web design software and techniques. Our specialist staff are exactly that Specialists and at Barking Toad you wont get the one person that does it all as it is a big job to develop a site in a professional manner.

Barking Toad sites are;

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • W3C compliant and validated
  • include site analytics
  • mobile apparatus compliant
  • auto backup



Testing and Training

Once the site has been constructed we will launch it on our test server for you to look at and get to know. This time is not only for us to work on the site but for you to start l3earning about the specific web engine that we have built into your site. We will be spending time with you teaching you how the Content Managed System works and it ease of use.

Support, now there is a word that tends to be bantered around all to easily. Barking Toad supply excellent support for your site with all of our team members available to you.



3, 2, 1.....Launch

Once we are all happy with your new website we will upload and launch your site for you. Barking Toad are also available to help you with any PR or associated marketing required for the launch of your new venture. As we said support not just web design.



Tweed River Regional Art Gallery Cafe
This is one of our latest sites and was specifically designed and developed for tablet and mobile browsing. This optimised site is laid out as a one page site but with many extras. It is a content managed site so the clients can add to it at any time.

This is a information site that shows the diversity of products that are available instore. The owners of this business came to us some years ago and asked us to come up with a name for them that would be timeless and a brand that would have a future as the business evolved. Oi, short for Outdoorism (something that we invented) was clearly the choice to build upon and has identified the client very well in the market place along with "The Product Tester" that has left his footprint in the local media as well.

Altum Group Accountants
Altum Group website is a combination of the four business sectors that make the group up. The website has the ability to lodge tax returns on it and also offers a number of accounting packages to clients. This site is designed and built in such a way that it will allow growth to the site as the company grows

Gold Coast Agribusiness
Gold Coast Agribusiness is an International Seed Export Company that wanted to display their product list in a cart fashion. The site is mainly viewed by Asian businesses and this is why it has a distinctly Australian flavor to the site. Seeds are seeds says the owner Brenda Dossey and they are a bit boring to look at so lets make the site interesting.

Vermicrobe Int.
Vermicrobe International is a local business that has been online for some years. Over this time they had developed two websites and both were e commerce sites doing similar things. Dave from Vermicrobe decided it was time to unite both sites and this is the culmination of this work. The site is easily the most comprehensive site in Australia on this type of business and is also a wealth of information. This is why Dave Wyatt is considered one of the leading authorities on Vermiculture in this country.

Vintage Sign Craft - Product based website
Vintage Sign Craft came to us because they had problems with an old site. So we fixed it. This site allows the agents of the company and public to design an online sign, submit it to the makers, get the sign delivered all while they watch the total cost as they add elements to the sign. It's a win win for everyone.

Mavis's Kitchen and Cabins
This is a site to capture the ambient serenity that this special place has to offer and the best way to capture this feeling is through the simplicity of its design. Lots of images convey the message and are also very informative as to what you will experience when you visit this place. This site boasts editable chalk menu boards with text that we have introduced. The site is hand coded by us and offers all the freedom to evolve with the client.

Tweed Shie Council Mayor - Barry Longland
This site was put together for Barry as a platform for his policies in the coming Tweed Shire Elections. The site will also be used post election for either Barry's Chilli growing business or continual council news.
The site is a simple CMS site but has all the capabilities for further expansion and adaptation. That is the beauty of our custom written sites we will biuld them with the future in mind.

Murwillumbah Cycle Club - Virtual Clubhouse
This site designed by Barking Toad was to facilitate members of the cycle club. This site was setup as a "Virtual Clubhouse" for them. The ability to maintain contact with it's members was paramount while also providing enough information of upcoming events for guests and non members wishing to compete. The inclusion of a editable google map for road race coarses aids cyclists in their planning for the event.

Murwillumbah Chamber of Commerce
The Murwillumbah District Chamber of Commerce is a site dedicated to all it members. The site was developed with this in mind and proves to be just that. With a built in Customer Relations program the Chamber secretary is able to contact not only members but a great number of data bases developed with in the site.

Attunga Park
Attunga Park site is a simple tourist accommodation site with alot to show. This site has a built in CMS so that the owners were able to change pricing and a great number of variables within the site.

Informative Business websites
This is a prime example of an information based site that sells granny flats and relocatable kit homes. The site was designed to make maximum effect of the experience you can have by owning one of these buildings.

Greenhills on Tweed
Greenhills on Tweed is a wedding/function center with a difference. It caters to a regional town so the uses are many and varied. The site boasts a CMS and Customer relations program for constant contact to those clients who say like the Sunday afternoon live music and want to be kept in touch.

Southern Cross Butchery
Online orders and selling.

Riverview Hotel Murwillumbah
This is a site with a difference. The site boasts a CMS and also live video crossing for public and the publican. A Customer relations program also operates so that

Sports Club Websites
Simple websites of one page to at least go online and also to fit into budget. Murwillumbah Vulcans AFL.

Tweed Hypnotherapy
This is a basic information site for a hypnosis clinic. The site is custom written as are all our sites and includes some of the latest coding available. All of our sites are tested for errors before they go live.


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